We provide one-stop service from business strategy planning to prototyping, design, development, system installation, operation and maintenance of software and hardware incorporating the latest AI / IoT technology. We are committed to providing services that will transform your business. First of all, please contact us and book a consultation.

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Amid the serious social problems facing Japan, such as an aging society and a shortage of workers, we have established a company to take on these social issues.

We have a global system development team. In particular, we have partnered with the senior vendor who has over 2,000 software and hardware members, which is currently the world's factory. We are committed to providing Japan-quality projects and services to Japanese and global customers based on our experience in managing large-scale offshore projects in the financial field which requires high system quality.

In addition, based on the vendor experience who provides market strategy source information to the strategy consulting firms (such as McKinsey / Bain / BCG, etc.) used at the time of corporate acquisition (M & A) - world's market/technology trends and best practices. By collecting and applying these practices, we can provide "only one" & "win in the market" service as differentiation from other IT SIers.


Finally, we will work hard to contribute to our customers by focusing on the two missions of "Challenge to the cutting-edge technology of AI" and "Contribution to Japanese society" to develop solutions.


February 4th, 2020 CEO Kinei YOSHIDA


Our global hybrid team, including experienced system development specialists and industry experts, will provide services for customers of any industry and scale. From start-ups to big ones, we promise sustainable change and growth for every customer. Contact us today and let us know for your future success.

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Market research and strategy planning

Understanding the latest market trends

Startup Development Team

Prototype and demonstration experiment incorporating AI & IoT

Prototype construction and demonstration experiment

Customer Support Representative

Commercial large-scale IT system development

Design, development, testing, operation and maintenance of large-scale software and hardware


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